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Create your brokerage agency anywhere in the world. Register companies and earn from 3000 € per month. BECOME A PARTNER
How it works:
Quick registration via mobile phone registration detail
Fill in profile information registration profile Save your data and it’s ready to go!
Your tools:
Adding brokers
You can add up to 30 potential brokers. Simply click on the button “Add broker”, then enter his contact details and he will immediately appear in your list. You can always edit information about the broker or delete it. As soon as the broker has registered at, he automatically goes to the section “My Brokers Team” and gets removed from the list of pending brokers.
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brokers Edit the list at any time A separate card of each potential broker with all the necessary information is always at hand.
brokers Easy to add A separate card of each potential broker with all the necessary information is always at hand. Edit the list at any time
brokers agency
brokers agency You profit can be up to 25% of the annual subscription fee and you will make a profit for 3 years!
My team of brokers
On this page you can control your brokerage agency. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that each member of your team, as well as its partners, can grow and open their brokerage agency as your representation. Each broker has his own number of sales (registered companies). With each sale made by a broker, you will make a profit, as well as your brokerage agency will receive a commission from registered companies for the next 3 years, as long as that company continues to pay for the services on HUBB.
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What do we offer to companies?
tools offer
Company promotion
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Own company page with possibilities:
How to add a company:
Waiting list
In this section you can make a list of your potential clients (companies) interested in using your product. In addition to the commission from brokers, you can receive income from companies by registering them on HUBB on your own. Your office can receive profits from the registration of the companies on HUBB in the range of 15-25 % per transaction depending on the number of registered companies per month, as well as up to a 25% commission bonus for your agency and for the agencies of your employees, which are distributed according to the scheme mentioned above. Just click on "Add Company" button and enter all the necessary contact information. The commercial organization you added will immediately appear in the section of companies awaiting the registration of you potential clients. If necessary, you have an option to delete a company that has been added or change information about it, thereby you can plan your personal sales for the month ahead, and your employees can do the same in their personal accounts.
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After successfully passing the moderation and registration on HUBB , the organization is moved to the sections "Companies " Convenient filter by location All information about the company, including all contacts, service category, contact details, can be edited at any time add company
add company
In this section you can monitor the list of organizations registered by you, as well as the expiration dates of their contracts in order to inform them about the renewal in advance.
Card of the company that has been registered on HUBB, including all data of the organization
This displays statistics of your current profit from registered brokers and companies. You can monitor the total number of brokers from your team and the total number of registrations from all brokers or see the statistics for each broker separately. Your wallet provides information on income from personal sales and commissions received from brokers. Here you can also find out the exact statistics for a particular month or year.
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We want you to pay special attention to the fact that the monthly income that you, your brokerage agency, your employees and your representative office generate is determined exclusively by the number of sales throughout the month (registered companies) made by you, your employees and your brokerage offices on the international platform HUBB.